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This site uses the Universal Celestial Calendar (UCC)

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Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Vocalist, Musician, Performer, 'Troubadour'

Calendar Creator & 'Astronomologer'


Grantor Trustee of the Troubadour Community Trust

True Anarchist


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Free the Body

Free the Mind

Free the Spirit

The Project That Inspired All The Others


The Freeman Calendar


Which I call the

'Universal Celestial Calendar' (UCC)

A Project Freeman Initiative

A Balanced Perennial Solar Calendar

A Calendar Realigned with the Zodiac and our Natural Seasonal Cycles

To Help Us BREAK FREE of the Roman Control System & its Gregorian Calendar, and Realign with NATURE



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An 'Anarcho' Sovereign Community Trust

Under Universal Community Trust

For Travelling Creative People in Europe



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Litmus at Dublin Castle, London

My Creative Compositions

Solo Work & Collaborations

Over 200 Original Songs & Poems

Demos, Audio, Video, Lyrics, Song-Sheets



Wisdom Workouts

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Interactive Wisdom Workshops


The Free Spirits Collective









The Reuniting of Astronomy & Astrology




Old Skool's Cool!

In Praise of the Past



Causes I Support

Free Palestine


Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Boycott Israeli Apartheid

Boycott Divestment Sanctions



Free Tibet

Free Tibet - China Out



Free Myanmar! (Burma)

Myanmar Flag - Free Burma



"Until we're all free, no one is free"



(Peace, Love and Freedom)

Litmus A Freeman - written


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